Nelia Sarko

Your Inquisitor


Nelia Sarko served in the Adeptus Arbites precinct in Hive Krakex on Hulee V, rooting out violators of the Emperor’s Law throughout the hive and venturing to hunt down fugitives hiding among the wastelanders. Although she makes few specific details of her pre-Inquisition career known, at one point she unearthed a warren of Slaanesh worshipers deep in the Krakex undercity, which she wasted no time in assaulting with her squad of Arbitrators, refusing to wait for reinforcements. The cultists themselves fell quickly, though many valiant Arbitrators perished in the fight. She and two others survived the encounter. Her actions that day drew the attention of an Inquisitor who “offered” her a job among his Inquisitorial Stormtroopers.

Details of her actions as a Stormtrooper, Sergeant, Captain, and Legate Investigator are not available to your security clearance.

==== Blessed is the mind too small for doubt. ====

Nelia Sarko

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